i need to learn more about typography. plz give me some good resource

Hi mates
I really love this place. Because it allows me to learn a lot from you masters.
Recently I’ve uploaded an item, but I realized that with all the my efforts in the field of typography. Still far from reaching the desirable professional skills in it.
So let me ask help from you. I think I am wrong in this way or I using from bad resources.
Please guide me in this contex and if you have some good resources plz recommend it.

This is also an example of my work maybe with seeing that u can help me better.
With special thanks

Hi :blush: Watching these tutorials is a great place to start - http://www.lynda.com/Ina-Saltz/450560-1.html

You may find some other tips on this old thread - http://graphicriver.net/forums/thread/how-to-get-better-at-typography-practical-tips/133663#1061353

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@Toivo_Media really tnx

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to start with

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thank you mate