i got an Web temple need help

Hi all im a newbie, i got a web template and i got stuck on developing the site and i need help, can anyone please see if they can help me or point me to the right direction to get help
my site is

on the portfolio section when you select images to view the images appear way too low on the page any help is appreciated


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hi @keivan, I know how u feel, I’m in a similar situation… :sweat_smile:
But I have a broke link between my media library and my preview web site :broken_heart:

At the moment I am founding more references about my case.

I hope somebody can help us.


I have see your item.Your item have some lagging like visual hierarchy, typographic hierarchy, spacing and alignment, Overall typography destroy your item.
Need to improve your item design quality also Most Important, Overused Animation

Study and research about themeforest new trend quality item and improve your item design quality.

Hope helpful for you.