I need the best template for YouTube tutorials about music & web design

Hi guys,

So I’m asking here because I tried looking on VideoHive and I was a bit confused. Actually I’m urgently in need of an amazing template to make captivating and professional YouTube video tutorials, which will talk about web design and also music, namely FL Studio. Of course, I know that I can easily record my screen and record my voice as I explain, but I’m looking for a way more attractive approach, which will help me build and retain my audience, and make my channel look unique.

I don’t know if you have something similar guys, but something perfect right now would be a template that allows me to easily make videos like the ones in Investools channel’s Investing Basics playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFrErI4cWVHwU4ORy5i2TuzQBvxqVbelH

Obviously something like what they have might require more illustrative animations and graphics for every subject, but you get the point… If that’s too demanding and unrealistic without serious editing efforts from my part, then I at least need to get something cool and fancy (yet professional), to display text with nice effects, on a clean background, and maybe throw in a few screenshots too.

Don’t worry about pricing… I just need top quality and relevancy. Counting on you guys to show me what to choose!

It seems you are looking for an explainer video toolkit, there are a lot of them on Videohive.

Also you can search for Youtube