I need my Soundcloud Playlist to be put onto my Wordpress Website in a particular way.



Here is my website - www.anthonyjohngabriel.com

Currently I have my Soundcloud playlist at the bottom of each page. This is not ideal because it takes up a lot of room and only 2 tracks are visible and it is not clear that you can scroll down.

What I want is to have the playlist fit in-between ‘Anthony John Gabriel ComposerSound Designer/Producer’ and the social icons. I want to have multiple songs (maybe 5) viewable in that space by default before anyone needs to scroll to see more. I also don’t want the waveform showing on any songs in the playlist - even when you click on the song. But I would like to have a Share button and a Soundcloud button.

Can anyone help with this? I believe it needs the use of Java.




I can help you with this project, please contact me on: mehtiyevmehti@yahoo.com . Looking forward for your reply.