I need instructions to install a theme I bought sweet date

I need instructions to install a theme I bought sweet date

thank you

i did it exactly as per the document but if i activate the plugins i get a debug error

please can you share the screenshot of the error

Please check your website few minutes later. if issues exist please uninstall the plugin check site then again try to install the plugin. if the error exist then it can be php compatibility issues. you can contcat your purchased item author to get support.

How to contact an author:


as soon as i install the following plugins the website gets a bug
slider generator
bb press
rt media

may we know your server php version

where do i find that i host with domains in south africa

to know php version you can check from cpanel or can contact hosting support.
please contcat your purchased item author. they will be able to check what is going wrong.


they send me a link to contact the author but i don’t have any luck with that

php version is native (7.1)

php 7.1 should be fine but you can upgrade to latest version.
best thing to contact author. send them support request and give them time to get back to you.


how do i import demo content on this theme sweet date

I am not sure but I think 1 click demo import should come with theme options. please check theme documentation for more details. Thanks