I need helps about Hard Rejection on my Figma project multiple time

Despite these efforts, the cycle of rejection persists, casting doubt on whether my template can ever meet ThemeForest’s stringent criteria. The absence of concrete feedback hampers my ability to address the issues that might be hindering its acceptance.

As I navigate this journey, I’m left wondering if there are fundamental flaws in my design that I’m overlooking. Is it an issue of visual polish, user experience intricacies, or a specific aspect of the documentation that’s not meeting the mark?

The emotional toll of repeated rejections combined with the uncertainty of the path forward has become a significant challenge. While I remain determined to create a high-quality template that aligns with ThemeForest’s standards, the rejection streak has become a roadblock that demands a solution.

As I seek ways to overcome this obstacle, I’m committed to learning from every rejection and honing my skills to elevate the quality of my template. Despite the setbacks, I’m determined to persist, refine my approach, and ultimately create a Figma template that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of ThemeForest’s discerning review process.