I Need feedback my themes adobe muse

Hi to all:

Demo: http://jeriithemes.tk/AleSmith/

I need check my theme of adobe muse for sell in themeforest, If my themes wrong please help me fix better my themes, thanks.

Before of submit my themes TF please URGENT help me, all not are bad with me :relieved:

anyone help me?

pleaseeeeeeeeee help meeeeee

Buenas dias!! Que tal!!!.. Bueno yo lo veo su citio y entonces estoy escribiendo algunas notitas de su diseno! Hiciste muy bien en su comienzo! pero I una necesidad de hacer algunas adjustes en su diseno para ser aceptado… Perdon yo no sabia que habla espanol, porque todos los notas abajo fueron escrito en ingles… Sin embargo en mi siguiente repaso voy hacer todos mis notas en espanol :slightly_smiling:


Hi…I am looking at your site and will go ahead and send a response back shortly…I like the direction that you are going… There are perhaps some things that I noticed that can be addressed:

  1. The menu bar seems to move from the top and is below your “hero image” perhaps you could anchor it up at the top
  2. Image that is used where it say " Hi my name is “Ale” perhaps you could use a higher quality image… it seems to have some white space of where the image was taken from and perhaps on the modification of the image the white space was not taken out…
  3. the “Download Resume” is not centered on the button
  4. Perhaps where “My latest work”, “Sevices” and the rest can be highlighted with a different font or some type of treatment to the typography
  5. The footer can use a little more breathing room and perhaps some additional information to accentuate the site more…

These are some of the things that I noticed after a cursory look at the site…but I will try and take a more detailed look at the site and send you my added observation(s) if you would like…

Nonetheless it is a great start!!


Muchas gracias amigo :slightly_smiling:

pero mi ingles no es bueno, pero yo estaba esperando hace 1 dia nadie me ayudan yo creo que ellos no me entienden…

Yo te haga casos tus mensajes pero ahora voy a arreglar y enviar TF

Un saludo y Feliz Año Nuevo :slightly_smiling:

Thank you very much friend :slightly_smiling:

but my English is not good, but I was hoping nobody 1 day ago help me I think they do not understand me …

I will make your message cases but now I will arrange and send TF

Greetings and Happy New Year :slightly_smiling:

No hay problema… Lo que quireo hacer es hacer una repaso de su trabajo y hacer algunas nuevos disenos para ti en photoshop para hacer una comparasion y desde ahi usted puede hacer lo que quiere hacer… :slightly_smiling:


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Which browser software do you use?
Chrome I use Windows 10 is looking perfect.
I need to contact you by mail, you have it?

Qué programa de navegador usas?
Yo uso chorme de windows 10 se ve parece perfecto.
Necesito un contacto contigo por correo, lo tienes?

bueno puede hacer una correo electronico por medio de Themeforest.net


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Perdón tienes razón, te voy a enviar tu usuario de TF

Sorry you’re right, I’ll send your user TF

esta bien…

Hola… I took a look at your site and started to take a look at it from a different perspective… Not sure if this is your style or not but from what you submitted… I made something with similar elements from what you created… It’s VERY ROUGH but if you want to use it to develop your own material then I can send you the PSD file… I just spent a few hours on so it’s not refined at all… It’s my interpretation of what could possibly be done with material from the site that you submitted that was not approved…


Then I can remove my submit adobe muse in Themeforest?

No… This is only an idea… nothing more…If you want to use it to develop further your own work then I would be happy to send the PSD to you so that you can further develop on your own… Just doing a favor since you were asking on the boards about your design and what could be done with the one that was rejected… This is just my take on your file… This is by no means complete or close to that… it’s just an idea…



Ok but I make now .psd other templates.


Much success…



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