I need a new purchase code


Hi there I am having an issue where my website just goes to a blank screen: wheelwranglers.com

My hosting provider says it is an issue with the theme. So to troubleshoot I deleted the theme & reinstalled. Now it is saying that my item purchase code will not work.

Can I get a new purchase code - as I have not even used the theme yet?
And any ideas on why the white blank page is showing up where my “coming soon” page should be?

Thank you!



Contact with your item author hope they will help you out from your issue.

If your support expired then you can get another license.

or still any question open a Envato Help Ticket

They would like to assist you.



i have tried that. It says my item comes with support but I havent received anything / it’s impossible to get in contact with anyone. can you refund my purchase?


1st author are responsible for item support there is no issue if they didn’t give you support raise a complain against that author at Envato Customer Success Team this type of behavior aren’t accepted.

Envato Market have some refund policy here

If author doesn’t give you support then you can ask for refund.
any of further or official assist you can open Envato help ticket they will help you out from your issue.