I made a plugin for Woocommerce, do you think I should send it?

Hello, I made an add-on as below, if it is accepted, I plan to fall on it, if it is not, I want to focus on another idea. That’s why I didn’t want to waste my time adding a lot of features because my time is limited, should I send it?

But I still think I have added enough features.

Hello brother,
I recommend you to keep working on it before sending it because if you get a hard reject you will not be able to upload it again!

Hello, it is now accepted, so it is “Soft Rejected”. Although the demo works everywhere, they stated that it does not work in the united kingdom, the uk, and sent a screenshot. So I don’t know what to do, it works everywhere, can you see? I added X-Frame-Options to my .htaccess file.