I lost my Purchase Key

I have a part of the Purchase Key in my Wordpress, how do I get all of it? The former employee has quit and we don’t have his previous purchase information.

Where did you purchase it ?
Remember Envato elements do not provide purchase key.

It shows it was purchased from Codecanyon, I followed the bottom help center to come here. Where should I ask for the Purchase Key?

Check this for your purchase key

The problem is I do not have the former employee’s account, I only have part of the purchase key. Do I have any way to get all of it another way?

Hi @yuyuhumandesign,

You have no buyer badge in your profile. for download the theme you have to use the original purchaser account.

Using the original purchaser account you can download your purchased Item and License/purchase code from your Dashboard Download tab. Go to Downloads and download from there (Assuming you are loggedin in envato market using the original purchaser account).


If you don’t have access to the original buyer account then you have no choice but to buy your own license to be able to access purchase codes and updates

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