I just paid 44€ for an Envato Laptop Bag

Just received my Author Level 10 “Elite care pack”. Had to pay 44.01€ import fees.

Inside was a pretty nice looking envato 15" Laptop Bag, unfortunately nothing else, no sweets, no letter. I thought at least some vegemite :smile:

Is this the new style of care packs, just one piece of branded merchandise? My Level 8 care pack was a lot cooler.

Don’t get me wrong, the bag is nice, but I was expecting a little more australian love in the care pack :confused:

At least you got yours :frowning:


Imagine your gift when you become a power elite author. :smiley: Probably a hat with Envato’s name on it and import fees +50 euro to pay. haha

I need that coffee cup! I must have it! :slight_smile:

Fortunately, I did not pay anything receiving it and Fortunately, I had a previous idea from Youtube on what I will get so I was not that shocked

I also received a printed letter that is generic and does not contain anything personalized info like the username

Free merchandise, looking good pro :slight_smile:

Congrats for reaching level 10. Still a dream for many…:sweat_smile: