I have two questions ?

first question :
I was finished from my theme and I want upload it on themeforest
I respected all WordPress requirements, but I don’t understand this part
- Purchase Verification
Can this part be explained simply ?
second question :
I was purchased plugin ( Revolution Slider ) from envato market and
how proof of purchase plugin from envato ?


Purchase Verification - actually when a customer purchase any product from envato market will get a purchase code which is unique. So, customer can use that purchase code to verify his purchased and also important for product license registration (in author support systems database) as like theme activation to get auto update features. Also purchase code will need when customer will need support from the item author because author will be able to verify the purchase using that code.

how proof of purchase plugin from envato - hope you have already gotten answer from the above.


how can I add this purchase code to my theme before upload it on themeforest ?

this purchase code create and deliver to customer by envato and is unique. So, you don’t need to include the code in your purchase download. When customer will purchase any item they will get purchase code. Thanks

Thank you so much

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