How do I provide a purchase code for Envato Quality Team Review?

Hello everyone

We are submitting a Wordpress theme to the Themeforest platform. Our theme uses Purchase code to handle the installation process. However, when uploading, Envato’s review team asked us to provide a purchase code for them to install. The question is, How do we do it? Because how can we provide them with a purchase code when our theme hasn’t been approved yet and no one has bought it yet?

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The “demo” purchase code you have used to test the theme?

I haven’t checked Envato API and its features but at some point, it should allow you to test the “function” without purchase code. - worst case, as a workaround, you will need to disable “purchase code” activation, upload the item without the feature and once you get the approval, update the theme right away with the activation codes.

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Hi @Nova-Creative,

Temporarily You can set a Dummy purchase code for the review team to bypass the purchase code verification process. When the review team will enter the Dummy purchase code it will bypass verification process but will give full access to all theme functionality.

Otherwise you have to integrate the purchase code verification process after getting approve the theme.


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@ki-themes Thank you for your answer

@mgscoder : Thank you for the suggestion. Perhaps creating a fake purchase code with a specified expiration time (e.g., 7 or 14 days) could be a viable option to provide to them. I also attempted to send them a “Mock” file via Google Drive for them to copy into the theme folder as a workaround for the purchase code requirement, but they did not agree with this solution.

The theme files you’re uploading has to have the original features, you cannot ask them to install something else when the theme file has different feature.

Just upload it without “code” and update the theme after approval. It will save time for everyone.