I have to know why my submission get rejected ?

10 days Before I submitted this Photoshop Splash Paint action. After 10 days it got rejected may i know the reason. I didn’t steal it from anywhere.

. Anyone want to review my action i will share my PSAction link.

hi i am not an expert and u should take what i am going to say as just a personal opinion rather than than any other thing indeed. The fact of the matter is for me that u cannot see enough the differences from one preview screen to the other and i am afraid that this is basically meaning only little change to change the brush and the way to brush … if so this is reducing the commercial potential of the item, for sure … i believe that your screenshot should also be more varied in terms of contexts, colorful background and these sorts of things so that have a better understanding of what the cation brings to the table. There is also a need for u to bring some effort in the presentation indeed , what u have right now is really super flat and not valuing anything at all

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