i have buy unlimited download registation but i can't download flatsome template without pay ??

i have subscribe to unlimited download but i can’t download flatsome template without pay ??

The link of this template is:

When I add the template to my cart and want to continue with the acquisition of the license, it asks me to pay $ 59 even though I subscribe to unlimited download?


Flatsome does not exist at Envato elements(at Unlimited Packages) you have to purchase it from themeforest as a main market.
You are able to download anything from Envato elements only but you can’t download anything from envato market like themeforest,Codecanyon, Audiojungle, VideoHive etc.

Aaaand: One more satisfied and excited Envato customer. :rofl:

Better to read the inprints. “Unlimited” means not “Unlimited”. This aggressive and misleading advertising. Good job Envato.

Unlimited for Envato elements not envato market

If it is so clear, why do we have customers, who asking questions like this? It’s the second customer within two days now.
This advertising and the first Elements page transports a totally wrong and misleading message. Go there, take the place of a new customer and tell your impression.
Why is Envato not clear pointing out, that “unlimited downloads” is only valid for the Elements items and not for the market items?
It seems, it’s more important, that the customer is quickly buying the subscription.

The link box on the top of envato market with a big red button “unlimited download” is very deceitful because it has no link with the site below.
It’s a legal scam that can tackle a lack of information. We know now that envato is a simple crook

And it’s impossible to be refund because envato cannot be contacted. it’s incredible. no mail, no contact form, nothing only a forum et a help center (a joke what)

Link to Envato Elements support who would be who you need to speak to: Envato Elements Help and Support

Thanks i try to send a request and i tell you the result