I have a rejection?, help, please.

Hello. I guess I got a rejection, because my Final Cut Pro Generator has disappeared from the Envato review upload.
I have not received any email explaining, is that normal?

If so, can someone tell me why it could be rejected?


A bunch of settings for just one subscription animation without any notable or unique design and animation. All this makes your project useless and already a loser in terms of commercial potential. Customization is great, but try to focus on variety and design.
Good luck! :wink:

Thank you very much.
Your answer has helped me not to waste more time trying.

What interests me on YouTube is that viewers see how to subscribe, how to click Like and how to activate notifications in a real way.
I don’t want to make a design that my viewers don’t recognize.

This generator takes many hours of editing and programming. I would buy it, in fact, I was looking for it and since I saw that there wasn’t one, I created it for my channels and added other customizations and languages to put it on sale.

Happy holidays and many thanks again.