I feed bad first soft rejected but after was hard rejected my template kit

Hi to all:

Please help me, why my template was hard rejected after soft rejected? :frowning:

demo: https://kits.erikaivo.info/solange/

but my psd approved: [link removed]

Please help me because always I post my forum nothing help me thank you

You have the explanation written in the email. Your design is too generic, you need to create something more unique.

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thank you for you help me :slight_smile:

A ask… how I can make more unique my design?

@LSVRthemes @charlie4282

Do I can make a design similiar but not 100% https://montdarbois.edmondderothschildheritage.com/en/ for template kit (template some wine) will approved?

The answer is the same as to every other item you’ve linked to and asked if you can make a similar but not 100% copy, and whether it will be approved or not. I.e. no, you can’t copy anything on the marketplace, although there’s nothing wrong with drawing a certain amount of inspiration from items… and there are never any guarantees that anything will get approved.

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Many thanks… I see examples awwwards.com for give me ideas some styles differents colors, buttons, etc but don’t copy and similar other website