I do not see any option to use my card to buy anything

Today I was trying to buy something from https://codecanyon.net/ and I found that there is no way to buy anything using my debit card. So I contacted the support, they said due to security reason the system did it and asked me to use paypal. Well my country does not support paypal so what can I do? The support was quick and they almost instantly replied to my support request so I guess the support guy even did not go through my account. I am using envato over years now. And now it seems the end of my journey with them. I think this post will reach to the right guy and I will have my account fix so that I can buy stuff whenever I need :slight_smile:

Hello @sabbirk15 ! If you wrote in support of the Envato, they should have given you an answer, and if you didn’t quite understand the answer, then you can ask the question again to the same ticket if it wasn’t closed. Or open a new support ticket to clarify in more detail (about other payment systems)!

Good luck!

@CleanMagicAudio I replied to the same support ticket and this time I did not get any reply yet. It is really a odd situation as I even bought few items last month using my card and now it is not an option anymore. The thing is either I have card enabled for my account or I will not be able to buy anything in the future.

How much time has passed since your last request to Envato support? Most likely your ticket was closed immediately after a response from them.

Do you have a support ticket number to which they did not fully answer you? I marked one of the employees of Envato here @KingDog, maybe he can check it.

@CleanMagicAudio thanks for your help. My support ticket number is 1785156. I hope @KingDog will be able to check the issue for me.

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