Am unable to complete my purchase on Codecanyon due to Payment options

My country doesn’t support PayPal, and Codecanyon people said I can only pay using PayPal. More than 2 weeks now am not able to pay.
Codecanyon support team is also not replying to my messages.

Please suggest what to do, How to buy in this situation.

Hi @goodlucklogolucky,

You can reply the email (replied by envato support) to follow up with the support and let them know that you are waiting for their help. If the support team told you that you are allowed only paypal then I think there is no other option for you.


Then does that means am not allowed to use codecanyon?

I hope you will get a solution. Please get in touch with Envato support because only they are the right team for account and payment related issue(s).

Their last reply says am only allowed to use Paypal but meanwhile, they have card portal

Please get in touch with Envato support and send them a follow up reply of that email.

Oh ok, Thank you very

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