I didn't get my last month's Elements payment via SWIFT (Bangladesh author)

Hi all,
I didn’t get my last payment which was send throw swift code. Envato provided me all the information of the payment but my bank is saying they didn’t get it and they didn’t get forwarding letter from other bank too. My reciving bank name is Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.
Do you have idea about it?

Hi @BestWpDeveloper,

at first check your Envato Statements page. If they sent you payment but not received contact Envato support.


Yes, they sent payment. But I didn’t receive payment. I contacted support. They provided all the information. But my bank says they didn’t get any payment. I think, there maybe involve any other bank. I need to know which bank. Envato or my bank don’t know which bank is involved.

You have to talk with both parties to sort this. In forum we can’t help. So get in touch with them again.

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Okay, thank you.

Problem solved?
I have the same problem (

Yes, it was solved. There was involved in a third-party bank. My bank called me and I had to provide some documents then in 3 days I got the payment. But now we skip the SWIFT transfer.

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