i can't start in themeforest


please I hope to know the reason for the rejection


With all due respect:

  • there’s not really any premium feel or functionality to this

  • the design feels very outdated and basic with fundamental basic flaws in the hierarchy, spacing, margins, etc.

  • several aspects feel very unfinished

  • badly cut out images of people leave messy edges

  • the attention to detail is really not there - even the logo is cropped when animating

  1. Images are not good enough.
  2. There are spacing and alignment issues. Make sure that all elements are aligned properly and spacing is consistent from block to block.
  3. Typographic issues like title in uppercase or lowercase. Make same standard for every title.
  4. You need to do lot of more work to approve this template.

Hi, you html is hard rejected because problem spacing, bad colors, very animation, not premium :frowning: you need learning more for approved html on themeforest, regards.

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thanks guys your replies very useful for me

Your site looks very unfinished. Do you think Lorem ipsum is acceptable?


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I was thinking that the little things would give me soft reject so was not care about this, but now I will study UX and read more about hierarchy.very thanks for your comment