I cant go to my impact account

Hello, I have submitted the form to join an affiliate program and today I got it. So, I am trying to go in my impact account but its write me that username or pass is incorrect. I have tried to send new password on my email several times but don’t get it

Is your application approved ?You can contact with @emile_b he can help you take out from this issue.

Yes, Approved, okay I will write emile again

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Hi @Motionavigations

As you have just submitted the form mean you signup. So now you have to wait to get approval your application if not approved till now.
Have you received any email confirmation about your application approve? When your application got approved you will get email confirmation, it usually take around 7 days. Then you will be able to login.


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Yes, I have got it, but cant go in my impact profile

you can contact with Envato Market Affiliates Team @emile_b (emile.ben-atar@envato.com) or market.affiliates@envato.com and let them know.

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