How to get envato affiliate proposal approved?

Hi there,

I am now an envato affiliate partner for several years.

9 days ago I applied at Impact Radius for the new affiliate account. The proposal is still under review by envato. Have I done anything wrong? What can I do to achieve approval?

Thank you

Hi @cooke!

@emile_b and the Affiliates team should get back to you soon - I think they’re currently working their way through a backlog of Impact Radius applications.

Hi @cooke,
Apologies for the wait on this, yes as Ben mentioned we are working our way through quite a large volume of applications. We hope to have you approved within 48 hours. In the meantime you can continue using your existing links as these won’t be affected as a result of waiting.

Envato Market Affiliate Associate

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Thank you. Good News to hear :slight_smile:

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Hi @cooke

Can yo please tell me how to apply to Impact Radius ( New affiliate account ) ?

I have asked this question to @emile_b as well as raised a ticket for this on envato but none of them are answering my query.

Thanks in advance.

Apologies for the delayed response to your question, I believe our team are now working through this with you.
All the best!
Envato partnership team