I bought newspaper 8 theme, but not able to upload it.

I bought a theme, newspaper 8, but now am not able to upload it. it says ‘try again’

  1. before that on my wordpress website, i was trying to upload another theme, named ‘3ClicksTheme’
  2. do I need to remove it?
  3. do I need to delete any plugin
  4. do I need to delete all posts first?

You can contact the author for free support or purchase the installation service from the link below:

Did you tried to unzip and upload as folder in theme folder? Then just activate from admin.
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*Hello *
*yes dear, *
*1. I got a zip folder and *
*2. I unzipped it *

3. After opening that unzipped folder, I got another folder named

4. when I opened that ‘Newspaper-tf’ folder, I got this


5. I opened my admin panel of my wordpress based website. where
‘3ClicksTheme’ was already installed and working. I clicked on ‘Add New’

6. after clicking ‘Add New’ I got this screen and Clicked on upload theme

*7. after clicking upload theme, I got this screen and clicked on choose
file. *

8. and I choose a file, which was i got in ‘Newspaper-tf’ folder, this was
a zip file and its name was ‘Newspaper’

I don’t know whats the problem but…


I Got a free theme just like Newspaper and…


*now what should I do…? *
should I ask for my money back or what?
am feeling like am crying…

It is not problem in template than in your cheap hosting. Contact hosting because they have put limit for upload size.

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Thanks for your reply dear. I’ll connect my hosting person and fix this
thanks a lot.

now I bought hosting from go daddy, but same problem its not working