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Good morning,
this morning I tried to update my “newspaper” theme by downloading the installation file for WordPress from my log-in area, but unfortunately, once imported the blog crashes and the contents are lost. I had to restore a server backup to fix this situation.
I would like to ask you if possible installation assistance.

Luca | TECNOMUSIC_evo (

Hi, please contact the author of the theme to get support:

And where can I contanct him?

Use the link @LSVRthemes sent. You will see a button that says “Go to item support”. It will send you to their support forum.


Please send us an email at and mention a few more details about the theme update issue. We may need to take a closer look at the website, if you could also provide admin login for the website in the email, that would be most helpful. Let us know, we will try to help.

Thank you!
Simion C.

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