I am thinking of earning my full-time income from selling PHP scripts on CodeCanyon.

Hi everyone, I am currently developing a project management software using PHP Laravel and considering selling it on CodeCanyon. I will ensure that the code has the best quality in every aspect. However, some people have expressed concerns that earning a full-time income from CodeCanyon may not be a good idea. Can anyone please suggest the best approach?

It would be super super hard to do and achieve in terms of volume of sales and commission levels.

Personally I just don’t believe that many people come to a stock marketplace for a solution like this compared to the huge number of cost effective and purpose built software and platforms that exists

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thanks for your suggestion.

Obviously depends on where you are based and how much you want/need to earn but relying on CodeCanyon as a sole income solution is almost impossible.

Add to this that there is a growing number of cheap, purpose built, and impressive project management solutions out there. This will only compress the market further.

There’s still a lot of value of selling items on envato but the time, investment, effort involved in making it even vaguely like a single income would be tough.

The marketplace is doing really bad, I have a good portfolio and I can barely make it each moth and it getting worse each month, take this into consideration as well…

If you have the project already codded give it a try but don’t have big expectations…

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