I am so irritating Because 3 rd time my code is rejected.

Can you tell which type of file must include while creating. So I understand and don’t do this thing next time. This bad thing happening with me. Please refer me at list basic structure

What’s the rejection message that you’re getting?

Normally if an item is rejected due to incorrect file types, you will be told exactly what you need. However, I believe the most common rejection is due to item quality, which could mean that the visual presentation of your item is lacking, or your code is messy.

We have completed our review of “Bootstrap 4 ,CSS3 Responsive Forms” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward,

This is message.
What is your suggestion? I can also share you my main code file please tell me my mistake happening.

Whats the demo link? Without seeing the item it’s hard to give feedback

That could be because of one or both of the things that I mentioned. It’s a very common rejection reason.

You should post some images here first of what your item looks like. The visual presentation is the first thing that anyone will see, so it needs to look highly professional.

I created these forms in bootstrap css3 and If you know about the best course for html css3 this please share me course link