HTML5 Template Hard-Rejected

Hi there!

We are newly joining ThemeForest. We have submitted our HTML5 Template and it got hard rejected without getting the soft first. We would be grateful for getting the suggestions about our wrongdoing in the template. Any advices will be highly appreciated.

Here is the demo link:

Thank you in advance!


Hello, I see that your theme is now approved and is now on ThemeForest what did you do to get it approved?



That’s correct that we got an approval for our product submission but it’s not the same product with this one. We haven’t resubmit it yet. :slight_smile:

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Dhuha Creative

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Your first page is pure text, moreover, in the first landing page the width is not full width and the links do not work.

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You canno’t page demo with list link without design, you need a design some for page demos.

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