HTML Template Rejected

Hello Eveyone,
my HTML template has been hard rejected, I don’t know why ! here is a screenshot from the homepage
Anyone help me ? I will be grateful, thanks in advance

spacing and lots of it… everything is bunched together with no breathing space for text or elements, add way more space…

Thanks Gareth, You think just with adding more spaces the template will be approved ?


Don’t worry about it and don’t give up. Envato has high requirements of quality and this is awesome, because it gives chance to develop yourself.


Thanks a lot Lukasz, Nice to hear that from you, it’s encouranging me :smile:
any suggestions about the design ?

Adding spacing should make it more UX friendly, I can’t say it will make it approvable but hopefully other authors can chime in with other feedback, the spacing was the first thing that caught my eye.

Thanks again Gareth :slight_smile: