Html template price change rules?

I have been contemplating purchasing an HTML template but haven’t because I need a working contact form which this does not have. The template was posted Nov. 19th and the price has changed almost daily from $14 to $9 to $18 to $69 to $16 and now to $10. I’ve asked the author whats going on and just gotten attitude. Are there rules for setting prices or can authors just dick around like this with the price? If I had paid $18 then it changed to $9 an hour later needless to say I think most people would be a little annoyed. What are the rules about this?

Authors can do whatever they want to prices :slight_smile:

That’s not right. I can see having a set price and offering discounts but to jack the price up and down almost daily is ridiculous. I see one that was selling for $14 is now priced at $159. I guess if they don’t want sales that’s one way to go about it.


Here is helpful article about ADP

hope helped!