htaccess file keeps changing

Hi all
the code seems to keep changing the htaccess file.

Contact the hosting support

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It’s my local host, what and where should I check or change?

Go to Settings=>Permalinks and save the settings. It will create a new one if not exist.

If the code in your .htaccess file keeps changing, you should check the following: you should check the last activity of your website, and identify the source of the problem, Keep your website and all of its components up-to-date, check if there is any malicious code or files, Use a website firewall to protect your website from future attacks. Once you have found the problem then remove them and you should restore the original .htaccess file from the backup you made earlier.

Thanks for your help, but what’s the solution for the current situation? my users have some files in.
Is there anyway that I can reinstall the script but keep the data?

You need to contact the author of your purchased script and ask them, the author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query: