How to upload an animated gif to the item preview page?


I would like to update some of my items adding an animated gif, but the truth is that I don’t know how to do it. I guess that it has to be added in the Preview Image Set, but I don’t know how to do it.

For example, if I have the gif file on another website how can I make it that it appears on the graphicriver page? How I create an external source link to direct to graphicriver?

I hope that I explained the issue more or less clear…

I’m thankful for any advice



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Hey! I think u must include gif in archive and leave comment for reviewer. GL

You should add html code in the description:

Thanks neelesart and romlam for your advices. In the next days I will try your methods!

@Magevo You can also make your image with the needful link. There are many tutorials in the web. Here’s for example: :arrow_right:tutorial:arrow_left: :mage:
@neelesart Who said you that the reviewers will do it? They will not do that. You should do it yourself. Please don’t desinform people :wink:

btw, here’s the site where you can test all your links to know how it will looks like:

Nah, my fault. I think what we talk about main preview, not description with another links and preview.

Thanks romlam! The envatitor seems to be very useful, had no idea that such a thing exists :frowning:

You are very helpful
Thanks again

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