How can I upload to .gif image for my promotion page? Please advise me?

Thank you.


To add images/screenshots In product description you have to first upload those images in the web as like in your webhost server. Then use img tag to show the image as like:

<img src="WEB-URL-OF-THE-IMAGE" alt="image" />

Just replace WEB-URL-OF-THE-IMAGE with your image url and put the code into your product Description.


Thank you for your advice friend. But It was didn’t work.

For example:

are you talking about graphicsriver item details page?

Yes friend :slight_smile:

I wrote this HTML:


I have checked the image in your item page and when checked the image found: Content length exceeded
Please make the image width 614px where you have 1080px
Hope this will work for you.


Also please don’t forget to rename your image then upload the new dimension image in your hosting place and provide new image path in the item description.

Thank you so much for your advise. Thank you . I will try again :slight_smile: