How to submit HTML template.

I want submit HTML template, I already got rejected on my html5 template.

I want know few things.

What is write category for HTML template, how to prepare documents and how my buyers will customize template ( will they use any editor to customize template or something other way)

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Here you will find themeforest HTML all of category

This is a documentation example!/documenter_cover

Documentation creator website

You have two way!!!

  1. you can learn yourself from google and youtube. OR
  2. hire someone who can help or tech you.


Is there any other document builder.?

It is showing this error

You don’t need any special tools to create your documentation, it can be a basic HTML document. You can use a framework like Bootstrap if you want to make it fancy.

@LSVRthemes it doesn’t require anything special but I would focus on the template itself as a priority over the documentation esp. as getting that right will impact the end documentation