Want sample documentation for themeforest html template

Hello Authors,


Can any one please provide his/her documentation sample. Actually I am going to submit my first HTML template and I don’t know what actually I need to provide in documentation. Can you guys help me out. It will be very nice of all of you.


Hi !

You can use this http://revaxarts-themes.com/documenter/
I use this generator for my projects

Great choice! Indeed, the documenter is an amazing documentation tool! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link. But I want the demo of content. Means what actually I need to write inside the content. What should I explain in documentation.


What should I actually write in documentation. What should I explain. I am confused how should I write my template documentation.

I sent pm,

You can send your email in pm to send you my doc.


You could check our theme’s online document here http://demo.leafcolor.com/sportcenter/doc/

i have sended the email address.

thanks @leafcolor