How to restore the AutoCAD file?

The file was created in AutoCAD 2016.
The file weighs 40 MB. This file was brought to me. It’s not my personal file. the bak file is there, but broken. Tell me a good program to recover… because I couldn’t recover the file by myself.

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hi guys. maybe you have any ideas?

Make one click of a mouse on the file to see in detail its properties: name, location, date saved, file size, author of the recent changes. So, by date saved, you can determine the file since the last save. You can also open each of the files to compare their contents. To call Manager recovery drawings manually run:
File -> Utilities-> recovery Manager drawings…

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In case of damage to a picture file, you can restore some or all of the corrupted data. If the damage is slight, sometimes the picture is automatically restored when you next open. Or it is possible to use the following:
Type in command prompt "_.RECOVER or
File -> Utilities -> Restore…
Autocad will execute check and will try to open any file of drawing. If it doesn’t help, on this case there is such .dwg recovery utility as DWG Recovery Kit

You’ve been very kind in your efforts to help. Thanks for that.

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