How to reffer someone? Affiliate program

Hello, how I can send someone ny referal link? cant find it. thanka


Here is Envato market affiliate program

Here is Envato youtube video how can you starting your affiliate marketing

For more information you can contact with (Envato Affiliates Team) affiliate support @emile_b or

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go to your impact account. Then create a new link or Use this link to promote Envato Market (from right sidebar).


I have send this form one month ago, but did not get any unswer

Could you send me some tutorial or instruction? Sorry, don’t understand

have you impact account and have linked to your envato account with impact?

I don`t think so.

please check this you will be able to know all necessary things (how to apply, how to linked etc) from there:

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Did they send you any reply ?
They must inform you about your application. application is approved or not.
My opinion is wait their reply or contact with @emile_b
I think before approving your application you can not make a affiliate link for your marketing.

Nope, Have not got any unswer

how many days gone?
or you can get in touch with emile_b

I dont remember exacrly date(more than month ago). Ok, done already thanks :+1: