How to notify the reviewer of the license on the asset?

Dear friends who are experienced and successful,

I have a big question that I’ve been thinking about for a long time, but can’t find a definite answer.

My question is this, To sell a design, it is required that every asset used in the final product as well as in the presentation, must have a license, for example the mockup used in the presentation image. How do reviewers on envato know that the author actually owns the license? whereas when we upload a design, there is no field to fill in to include the license file.

Actually my question is based on the refusal I keep experiencing, I think it might be due to licensing issues.

Please anyone expert, to provide enlightenment in detail. Thank you.

They don’t know. But it’s your responsibility to make sure that everything you upload is your own creation or you have permission to include it in your item/preview content. If it isn’t, then at best your item will be removed, at worst, your account will be removed.

While it’s always possible your items might be getting rejected as the reviewer believes you’re using content you didn’t create… it’s usually more likely that it’s just getting rejected as it the feel it’s not up to the quality standards required to be accepted.

Why The Customer Is Always Wrong (In Software License Reviews)

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They haven’t the faintest idea. Nonetheless, it’s your commitment to guarantee that all that you move is your own creation or you have agree to recall it for your thing/see content. If it isn’t, most ideal situation, your thing will be taken out, even from a skeptical angle, your record will be dispensed with.

While it’s reliably possible your things might be getting excused as the pundit acknowledges you’re using content you didn’t make… very likely, it’s just getting excused as it the energy it’s not up to the quality rules should have been recognized.