How to prove to themeforest that i have permission to use an asset commercially?

I found a free asset (PSD mockup), but it has no license, i contacted its owners on LinkedIn and they Allowed me to use it commercially, but how can i prove this to Themeforest reviewers? is a screenshot of their respond is enough? , if yes should i also hide the owner’s name from the image?
Another question, where do i showcase all the assets’s licenses? in the item description, or in the documentation file, or both?

Your only requirement is to tick the box saying that you have the right to use the content in your work, which you can only do if you have actually got the right to use the content in your work.

You’ll only need the proof if questions are asked… So make sure you have the confirmation you got ready just in case.

As for hiding the name… I guess that’s up to the owner of the item. As for showcasing the license, that could cause problems. No item can have license terms that vary from the standard Envato licences, so if your rights to use the content vary from those of the Envato license… then you can’t use it.

So for example, you may be able to use the content in your item, but what if the buyer wants to use that content in their item with an extended license? Would the copyright owner still be happy with that?

And when you say they said you can use it commercially… did you specifically tell them you were going to use it in a stock item. They’re two very different things.


They said “feel free to use the Mockup for your projects, any way you like. No need to provide credits for it”. That means i can use it commercially in any project type.
I think my second question wasn’t clear for you, i meant: if i’m going to give credits to some assets (a lot of themes do it at the description), should i give credits in the documentation file too? (just a section at the end that has a link of each asset’s homepage).

By the sounds of it, there’s no need to provide any links/info/credits… but that’s up to you. I can’t confirm for certain as I don’t know the situation, but it sounds like there wouldn’t be an issue.

But keep I mind that permission from the creator of the assets might not mean it will be accpeted by Envato. Approval varies by content and category.

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Thank you.