How to make a plugin release


im developing a plugin for wordpress and i would like to know how is the process when creating a new release. Eg. I upload the new release in codecanyon and buyers receve an email with a notification of the new release? In wordpress appear an updating plugin message?

There is some documentation about this?



when you will upload your plugin envato review team will review and if get approve then it will release under your choosen wordpress category and also you will find your item in your portfolio and in new released items. Also anyone can get your plugin in search filter.



thanks for the response.

Ok, but how about wordpress side? In plugins admin section appears an update message? If not, ive to develop that functionality?


if your customer use envato market plugin and installed your plugin then your customer will get notified that plugin update version is available and also he will be able to update from wp-admin plugins. Thanks


thankyou very much!

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licence file require or not through plugin submit review