How to leave Envato whilst not abandoning my customers

This is not my selling account, I don’t yet want to go public about this as I haven’t 100% made a decision about my future on here.

The situation on Themeforest with everything that’s been going on lately has made my financial situation a disaster. I’m working for way less then minimum wage. Without going into the why’s of which most of you are already aware of I was hoping for some advice on how.

Obviously I could just delete my items but the problem is they have been getting trickle sales and so there’s plenty of people who haven’t even had their themes for very long.

I presume I could have my items soft disabled, but will I still be able to provide critical updates? I presume the purchase codes will still be valid?

I don’t want to abandon my customers, I just also need to put food on the table.

Hi, The situation in this market place sure is making a lot of people reconsider their decision to stay. I think the best thing you can do is talk to support about how to move forward. Not sure how that will go.
You can also simple stop uploading new items and just offer support till it expires but that may prove challenging if the items keep selling because that means you may be providing support forever. It would be nice if there was a feature to ‘retire’ and item. That is: stop selling the item but keep updating it. I don’t think you can push updates to soft disabled items.

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Thanks for your reply. All I can think of is changing the item page to say the items been retired, but I don’t know if Envato would be happy with that. If/when the time comes I’ll see if they have any thing to say on the matter.