How to know the purchase code generated for the buyer?

Hi, I got my first sale after one day only of publishing my first item!! Great job Codecanyon, that’s really amazed.

Now: I want to know what’s the purchase code has generated to the buyer.

I though that CC should send me an email for each sale occurring on my item but I didn’t get any email, I discovered that I’ve got a sale by accident

Does CC send an email to the author that he got a sale?

However my main issue now is:
I don’t know the purchase code that has been generated to the buyer!

I made a lot of search in articles about that but all are talking about verifying purchase code.

I don’t want to verify it, I just want to know it, because my app generate the license according to the purchase code and username of buyer!
Both are unknown for me now :upside_down_face:, I’m really STUCK

Any urgent help please

I’m a new author so I don’t know what’s the process CC working on.

You won’t know it until a customer tells you one. It’s generated for their use not yours. So, if your app needs it to make a license key or whatever, you’d need them to input it somewhere.

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