Purchase code

Hi, i need to ask two questions about purchase code
1-how does it work purchase code ?
2-if ineed to connect my php script to verfication purchase code what iam need ?

thanks so much

You would need, in same cases, to active the item you have purchased, with the purchase code. Check the item documentation, if the item required activation and for the details

Hi @shuceybcabdi69,

  1. Purchase code will need to verify the purchase using Envato API.
  2. You will need to work with Envato API.

You can get help from here:


Sir When a person purchases an item and wants to download it, does CodeCanyon provide a purchase code to each buyer?

Yes, Codecanyon (Envato Market) provide purchase code to customer for each Item/License purchase.

I understand that each item will have one purchase code is that true

Each buyer not the same for all buyers of the same item


When you (or anyone else) purchases an item on the Envato Marketplace, you will have something like the following in your download panel:

If you haven’t got that, then you did not buy the item. And if you have, then you have a UNIQUE licence certificate and purchase code for you and that item you bought.

No! not true. Each sale (license/item) has a unique purchase code. purchase code never can be duplicate. So, each customer will get a unique purchase code.

as author can i get purchase code when iam upload item

No - it shouldn’t be necessary