How to know or choose best theme for local store?


I have shifted to online business and the freelancers are charging more money to make a good website.

So I have decided to make a website by myself.

I am confused to know about the theme.

I Have a store of tennis machines and the site category is sports.

Should I follow this guy? Here is a link to one of the people running a tennis machines website and I liked that.

Now my question is:
1 - how to choose the best theme?
2 - what is the best factor of the theme?
3 - can we make a site without a theme?
4 - should we have to pay or are there any free themes as well?
5 - Are there any tutorials also?

I need some experts to answer.

With respect questions like this sound like building your own site is going to be very complicated, stressful, and most likely more expensive than paying for proper support in the first place.

That is before the potential risks of reputation, quality, and if there was subsequently problems with peoples data or financial information.

For reference

You need to determine what features and functionality your require and which commerce platform or gateway is right based on how you run your business, handle orders and stock etc

Totally depends on the website you are building and your requirements but typically, security, speed, ease of management etc.

If you know how to write and edit code

You get what you pay for - there are free themes (depending on the platform you want to use) but paying for one will always provide a better product and make life easier to work with it

YouTube and google will link to many but honestly, if you need tutorials then you are nowhere near ready to be building your own active site

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