How to install Theme Forest in Blogspot?


I Just buy a theme. How i can upload to blogspot?


You can’t upload that on blogspot. What you need to do is buy a hosting and a domain for your site.



Not necessarily :slight_smile: It depends on what kind of theme has @AbdulMajidID purchased, there are some Blogger themes available on ThemeForest as well.

However - we would be able to tell more if you provide us with the theme name you purchased.



The name i purchased

And i try install for wordpress, but i can’t tu do.


Thank you! This is neither WordPress or Blogger theme, I’m afraid. It’s HTML template, but there should be some instructions provided inside on how to install it :slight_smile:



I just install plug in envanto market in wordpress. But not work

Maybe you help me?


It’s a HTML template so it will not work with WordPress or Blogspot.

You will need to have your own domain and hosting and to manually edit the code/images etc. before uploading these to your root directory. There will not be a CMS with that item


You can get help from this page. It will helps you to get easy installation themes.