How to get the access token of instagram author?

Hi, I build a blog theme and need some access token of instagram authors so that I can show their ins images at my website demos. But I ask many ins authors and they don`t reply. I am so curious that how other themeforest authors get the access token of famous instagram authors?

You don’t need an access token from another account.

If you got an instagram account you can generate an access token. Then you can use it to list instagram feeds from any profile or hashtag.

Here you can generate an Instagram token:


I want to list a ins feeds from an ins photographer,how should i do? I found the ins access token only work with my own user id when i change the id to another one my ins widget not work. Isn`t the user id only work with your own access token ?

You didn’t got so well how instagram feeds really works.

For example, let’s say you have an instagram feed plugin to list feeds, right?

All you have to do in order to list images from any profile is to get the access token from your account and set it on your plugin.

An access token is your key to comunicate with instagram and list feeds.