Instagram mandness.

Hi guys.

I am having serious trouble to understand how the Instagram access token works or how to even get one, it seems like an impossible task for me, I spent two days already and I go deeper into the rabbit hole,one of the things that I don’t understand, let’s say a user buys my app, will it have to create it’s own token because if I as a developer do not understand how this mess works a normal user will 1000% have no clue :slight_smile:

All I want is to be able to read a profile and get the JSON from it, but it seems like an impossible task, I am willing to pay for someone that can help me with this, it is literally driving me crazy.

Thank you.

Hi, according to their documentation they have two types of authentication - Explicit (Server Side) and Implicit (Client Side).
Instagram API requires authentication - specifically requests made on behalf of a user. And every request requires a token that is unique to a user.

If your app doesn’t have a server component you are obviously using Client-Side Authentication and the above requirement is impossible to complete. In this case,
you have to direct the user to the authorization URL


From which the user authenticates and grants YOUR application access to their data. After that Instagram redirects them to your redirect_uri with the access_token in the url fragment.
Here is where I got this from.
I hope this was at least a little helpful.

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Thank you for your answer.