How to Get listed in Envato Deals?

I’ve seen this sort of thing done a few times, but how does one submit their product to be in the deals?

I have a WordPress plugin for sale on Codecanyon

They usually announce events like this a few weeks or even a few months before, then give everyone the opportunity to submit items to be featured in them. They always have a forum post about it which can be found either by looking at the forum home page, or through your author dashboard, they usually link to a form that you fill out to make submissions. Items are chosen by Envato based on what fits the overall theme for the event and the time of the year, so there’s no guarantee that what you submit will be chosen.

There’s also usually a criteria for items, such as maintaining the same price for a certain time before and throughout the event, having a certain amount of sales, ratings, etc.

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Yep, there was a forum post for this sale: 2020 Envato Mid-Year Sale - Campaign FAQ

It’s too late to nominate your item now.