How to do marketing for my item

I have an item and the sale
of the item just 1 for lat 1 month. How can I tart marketing for that ?

I’m not the person who you’re looking for but let me try to give you some advices.

You could just create an awesome portfolio with useful things so anyone can check your other items when they’re looking on an item.
Or you could advertise your new items on the forums. There is a lot of traffic right there.

This are just 2 common ideas that I came up with.

Just think of something a user wants to buy and where will he find that item/s.

Good luck with sales! - WaterproofThemes

Thanks for ideas. I must try them

How many team members you have?

we are 10 friends working togather

Please don’t do this - “self promotion” via forums is not allowed under community guidelines

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Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

You could try advertising on social media platforms. If you have any existing accounts, offering giveaways, review copies and more can help gain traction to your site.

yes I have account in linkedin, facebook and twitter and I have started posting messages related with my item

I mean to advertise like: ‘New item approved.’ or ‘New badge unlocked…’.

ok I got your idea. Yes I must try it and hopefully it may give me some success

I think right now codecanyon item sell is very low. It happens sometimes. May you will see improvements in upcoming month. I am also facing same issue.

Don’t be offended, but this is the way I see it… the first thing I’m seeing is the preview image, and I think it looks a bit cheap. As a result, if I was looking for a form designer, I’d skip over it without even looking at the preview or reading the description.

The black and yellow doesn’t really work and I think the monitor image is pixelated and looks a bit out of place. Your thumbnail doesn’t look too bad, the yellow and black seems to work better in that format.

The text is too small in the main body of your description, I’d scale it up to normal size if you can.

Then when I do go into the preview the black and yellow is a bit overpowering again. And although the forms look good, they’re lacking a certain premium feel to them. The designs are a bit basic, and some of them seem a bit squashed up, with buttons touching borders and insufficient spacing between text and boxes.

That’s just the way I see it anyway. If you improve the preview image then more people are likely to click on the preview. And if you improve the overall quality of the item, then those people who do click on the preview are more likely to actually buy the item. Mean there’s 127 form building items, so you’ve got to make sure your item is the best it can be for you to get a slice of the cake.

The top seller has got 18,000 sales. I used to be of the school of thought that if I can make something that’s even a tenth as good as something like that, then I’ll get 1,800 sales. But then I came to realise… if two items are the same price, and one is ten, five or even two times better… nobody is going to buy the other one. You’ll get 0 sales rather than 1,800. That’s an exaggeration, there will always be times when somebody prefers your item, or it has a feature that they need, but still. Like a 2ltr Pepsi and a 500ml Pepsi for the same price… the 500ml will get a few sales for space and weight reasons, but most will go for the 2ltr if it’s the same price.

Anyway, I’m rambling now. Just thinking out loud! Hopefully you get my point and it’s of some use to you.


The basic steps of marketing usually are:

Let the world know about your product:

  • guest post on blogs
  • roundups with similar prosucts
  • active participation (not spam- as you will be immediately deleted ) in Facebook groups.

If you are sure that your product great, so ask a well-known blogger to write a review about it.

Other methods requires money, but you can implement these ones without marketing budget.

Of course it’ll be better if you bring all visitors to your own site, but as long as you sell items exclusively on CC, you lead your customers here.

Wish you good luck with your builder!

A big thanks to you for your deep thinking and review of the item. I must upload a new update with new cover image and a new application with corrections and new features. Thanks again:)

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Amazing explanation… Can you please review my item, and say 2-3 words to me … It will very helpful to me

I think I am loosing sales due to improper marketing.