Not a single sale

Hello all
It is almost 36 hours my item got the approval but still not a single sale. Just 1 comment got for last 26 hours. What should I do to increase the sale?
Here is the link to the item

36 hours is not that long - codecanyon is much smaller than the likes of themeforest.

Also form builders are a niche requirement - there’s some massive ones out there that dominate the market and probably limited need as templates or themes will have them included whereas someone coding a website from scratch will be able to code their own forms.

The sales will come in time. While you wait for this to happen try to increase your item’s visibility by posting it to your own website, personal blog or script directories.

Drop me an email to for some tips.

everything eventually , do excellent work and pray ) ) ) :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. I also see that the form is not so demanding item but as I have invest a lot of time in it so I am a little disappointed with the result but I will continue with it and other items

I hope so that the sale must come and as per your advice I already start a new project to upload here

I got my first sale today:slight_smile:

just wait and you will have sales.

It’s worth noting that focus on sales and income is the single worst mentality any author can have in envato - success takes time, commitment, originality etc.

This applies to all and any files not just this one and of course anyone making files then wants to make loss of sales but it’s simply not that easy - otherwise everyone would be doing it.

As we said you are in a competitive space which is already dominated by some very strong items and as your description says this is more of a “developer” item which immediately limits sales potential quite a lot.

With all due respect you will get some more sales but this is never going to be a big earner.

I think that market is oversaturated with form builders and creators. I made same mistake with Now I have to improve it significantly with e-commerce, Amazon affiliate functionalities and some social network functionalities.

Yes you may be right it is not a big earner but I will hope it will give a me some money as my side income and from the next item I will try to make item in this way so that any one can use it jsut by reading the help file without any coding experience